Create your very own colour lab at home! Discover how to create colours and unique shades. Fill a few different bowls or containers with water to varying levels and add a few drops of food dye into the containers. Using a range of open-ended household items such as jugs, jars or measuring cups your child can investigate colour mixing.

You will need:  

  • Water.
  • Liquid food colouring dye.  
  • Household items such as bowls, jugs, spoons, ladles, measuring cups and funnels.
  • Recycled glass jars or plastic containers.

Promote learning by:   

  • Discuss how primary colours can be mixed to create a new colour -” If we pour red and blue into a jar, what colour will it make?”
  • Explore measurement “Which jar has more water? And which jar has less water?”
  • Introduce your child to a colour wheel – this can be used as a platform for discovery.  

Safety: Children should never be left alone with water.

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