Upcycle a common household item into a watering can that your child will love!  

You will need:

An empty 2 litre milk bottle, hammer and small nails, textas.

  1. Thoroughly wash the bottle in hot soapy water to ensure all milk residue has been removed
  2. Hammer holes into the lid using a small nail (the smaller the nail, the finer the spray).  Ensure that you are hammering on a safe surface such as a chopping board. Older children may be able to help with this part with close supervision.
  3. Add a hole to the top of the bottle (near the handle is best) to help the water flow through easier
  4. Invite your child to decorate their watering can using textas. Make sure the bottle is dry or the ink will not stay!
  5. Fill bottle with water and put the lid on – your watering can is now ready to use!

Promote learning by:

collecting rainwater to use in the watering, talk to children about water being a precious resource, ask your child to take care of a particular plant, encourage children not to waste water.

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