Create your very own potion making station at home! Allow your child to delve into their imagination and investigate using a range of different tools to create their own potions.

You will need:  

  • Water.
  • A range of household items and cooking utensils such as bowls, jugs, pots, strainers, funnels, measuring cups, tongs, scoops, spoons, mortar and pestle and jars. 
  • A range of natural materials – fresh flowers, seed pods, pebbles, leaves.  
  • Optional – Add a small scoop of bi-carb soda to create a bubbling effect.
  • Optional – Add a few drops of food dye to make your potions coloured.

Promote learning by:  

  • Strengthening your child’s fine motor skills by encouraging them to use a range of household tools; such as mortar and pestle, juicer and strainer.
  • Exploring measurement.
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